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Why a Quilt Pattern Tech Editor?

Quilt pattern tech editor making corrections on a laptop

I don't need a quilt pattern tech editor.

As a quilt pattern designer, do you ask yourself, "Why do I really need a Technical (Tech) Editor?" You are thinking you have reviewed and reviewed your pattern so many times there surely cannot be any errors. Besides you have your pattern testers; they will catch all the mistakes, right?

Those are very good arguments but a tech editor looks at much more than the obvious mistakes.

Yes, you really do need a tech editor.

A quilt pattern tech editor ensures your quilt pattern is accurate, clear, and easy to follow. They catch errors, clarify instructions, and make sure measurements (and math) are correct, which results in a polished and reliable pattern for quilters. This helps prevent confusion and frustration for those following the pattern and enhances their quilting experience. Who does not want happy (aka returning) customers (and pattern sales)?

image of pattern after being reviewed by a quilt pattern tech editor

A tech editor also ensures your pattern wording is consistent, concise, and cohesive throughout. They will make sure it uses quilt industry standards to make quilters feel at ease when making your patterns.

Many designers do not want to spend extra money on their patterns when starting out, which is entirely understandable. There is no (or very little) income coming in. Just think of a tech editor as an investment in your pattern before it is released. A well-written and edited pattern that is easy to follow will build confidence and trust with your customers.

quilt pattern tech editor will add value to your pattern

A great pattern will get talked about amounting to more sales. A great tech editor will offer suggestions and explanations behind their edits so the designer can write even better future patterns.

Your quilt pattern tech editor is an important team member.

So, yes, even though you think you know your pattern, a tech editor should be part of your team. Once a designer finds a tech editor who is an expert in what they do, who communicates well, and who understands your work, you can develop that relationship. You will not be sorry!

To find out more about what a tech editor does, visit our Tech Editing Services page. Drop us a note if you have additional questions or would like to be added to our schedule. We always have two editors look at every pattern and have a turnaround time of under a week for Technical Editing Services. While you are there, sign up to get ourv newsletter and blog updates as soon as they are released.

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