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The Inspiring Journey of Christina and Lisa at Quilt Pattern Writers

In the exciting realm of quilt pattern design, chance encounters can ignite remarkable collaborations. Such was the case for Lisa and Christina, whose paths converged during The Quilt Pattern Writing Course of 2022. As fate would have it, they were paired together in a small group, and it was an instant connection!


Their bond transcended the virtual realm when they finally met in person in Atlanta at QuiltCon. They became fast friends and their shared passion for quilting deepened their connection even further. United by their entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to offer something truly exceptional in the industry, Christina and Lisa embarked on a journey to create a quilt pattern experience like no other. Drawing upon their individual strengths and vast knowledge as quilty-savvy businesswomen, they envisioned a one-stop, full-service solution for quilt pattern designers. Together, they combine their unique talents to provide an unparalleled quilt pattern design experience, catering to the needs and aspirations of designers seeking excellence.


Christina's innate talent for layout and diagram creation perfectly complements Lisa's meticulous attention to detail and knack for crafting clear directions. Their collaboration ensures that every quilt pattern they work on is infused with creativity, precision, and visual allure.


Their shared journey is a testament to the power of friendship, creativity, and a deep-rooted desire to offer unparalleled value to the quilting community. With Christina and Lisa at the helm, Quilt Pattern Writers is set to revolutionize the way quilt pattern designers bring their visions to life, providing a transformative and unforgettable experience every step of the way.

Be sure to check out our Team members as well.  Quilt Pattern Writers are excited to have such skilled women joining our team and plan to keep on growing as the need arises to keep up with the demand
and deadlines of our clients.

Orange and White Quilt
Orange and White Quilt

QPW Mission

Christina and Lisa have made it their mission to go beyond the ordinary. Working closely together and with their clients. We strive to make each pattern unique and personalized.


The dedication to delivering a comprehensive and seamless experience sets them apart in the industry. By joining forces, they have created an experience for designers with support, innovative ideas, and personalized throughout the pattern creation process. A one-stop, full-service solution for quilt pattern designers.

Christina has extensive knowledge of Adobe products and has a degree in fashion design. She has over 18 years experience with Adobe Suite and loves putting together the graphics, illustrations, and quilt pattern package.


Hi and Welcome! I am so excited that you have found us. I am Christina Marie!

​I am just a Texas girl with my pup Blue Belle. I grew up just outside of Houston in the very small town of Katy (not so small anymore). I learned how to sew from my dad's mother at the very young age of 6. She was a professional seamstress so I watched her in amazement while she sewed a wide variety of things. I begged and pleaded for her to teach me while she taught my older sister. Can you guess what I sewed first...yup barbie doll tube dresses! My barbie dolls never looked better at least from my 6-year-old creative side. lol


My sewing journey did not just end there. Around the age of 10 or so, I wanted to learn how to make a quilt. I had very crafty family members but none of them knew how to quilt. My grandmother, whom I mentioned before, gave me a notecard to make a pattern from, some tailor's chalk to mark around the notecard, and a nice pair of fabric scissors to just use on my fabric. It took forever to cut all of those pieces out. Around this same time, my mom found Alex Anderson's quilt show. Talk about a game changer and wow did I fall in love!!! 


I was fortunate enough to attend the amazing Houston Quilt Festival growing up. This was before the time of Missouri Star Quilts and the number of Modern Quilters. There was no quilt design degree, so when it was time to attend college, I went for the very next best thing...Fashion Design and Patternmaking. That opened my world up to so much more...bags, skirts, dresses, formal dresses, and wedding gowns!  I even learned how to alter wedding gowns but nothing was the same as quilting. Over the years I would still sit down and quilt. I have made over 100 quilt tops. After leaving my job in 2022, I decided to do Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy: Quilt Pattern Writing Course and started CMarie Quilts. My love for helping other quilt designers achieve their dreams and my love of writing made me pair up with Lisa to create the ultimate service for quilt pattern designers.

IMG_2276 2.HEIC
IMG_2237 2.HEIC
IMG_2266 2.HEIC

Lisa brings over 30 years of experience with an auditing background and a keen eye for details. She works on the steps, the instructions, and the math behind all the patterns.

Hi and Welcome!! I am Lisa Visel, a quilter, crafter, and wordsmith. Raised near the cornfields of Illinois, I worked 32 years for the same company as an internal auditor until 2008 when my hubby transferred to Phoenix before retiring in 2013. We moved to our retirement home on top of a mountain in southwestern North Carolina away from everything. We may have sketchy cell service and internet, a long drive to get milk, and very few neighbors, but the view and pace of living make up for it and I wouldn't change it.

As long as I can remember, I have done some sort of craft or art. From card making and scrapbooking to painting to jewelry to mixed media, and 3D assemblage.  It seems I always have to have something going on because I can't sit still.

Then came the pandemic and the (even more) stay-at-home life.  My art mojo decided to take a hiatus and I was searching for something new. Then, I found quilting (gotta love YouTube!).  Since March of 2020, I have pieced, sewn (and now longarm quilting) quilts.  It became an obsession!  As of December 2022, I had made over 50 quilts! From choosing the fabric and pattern, to cutting and sewing, to learning to use the longarm machine, to (my favorite part) hand-stitching the binding. But two people can only use so many quilts! You can see more about that here.

The quilts began piling up so I started selling them on my Facebook page. Word of mouth kicked in and I began getting orders, especially for personalized handmade baby quilts and custom-made quilts.  I even received a few requests to take vintage quilts or quilt blocks and make them into something new. 

Soon I began testing quilt patterns which led to tech editing for a designer which led to researching, practicing, and becoming a tech editor for several designers and a major fabric company. I believe my auditing and accounting background has truly helped with this and I love working with designers on new patterns to get them as correct and user-friendly as possible.  Then I was asked to ghostwrite patterns for designers--taking their quilt design and turning it into a final pattern using their voice. I love my retirement job so when Christina and I met, it was a no-brainer to join forces and start Quilt Pattern Writers.

When I'm not working with Christina and Quilt Pattern Writers, my hubby (of 26 years) and I enjoy traveling, going to professional drag races, and taking our fur babies Lucy and Bella on walks on the mountain trails.

It's been a wild ride! But I love each and every day that I sew, review, and create (which is almost every day!) with fabric.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.  I can't wait for what else is to come!

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