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Adobe Illustrator & InDesign 

Learning new software takes a lot of time, time you may not have. Sometimes you just need to learn portions of the program. We can help you learn how to use Adobe Illustrator specifically for quilt pattern writing.

How we can help.....

Illustrator and InDesign are very powerful and useful tools to make stunning layouts. And it can be very overwhelming just getting started. There are plenty of beginner tutorials available but you don't need to learn all of the software just to write your quilt pattern. Sometimes you only have time to learn specific areas of Adobe Illustrator or InDesign just to get your quilt pattern written. 

We can teach you the steps and processes to make piecing diagrams for your pattern instructions, make assembly diagrams, and then pull everything together in InDesign to finish your pattern. Or do you have particular questions about building your diagrams? We can walk you through the steps where you're having trouble, 


Our digital designers have extensive experience, especially when it comes to quilt patterns. We will help as little or as much as you need and give you helpful tips and tricks to help in the future.  And we'll do it all over a video chat so we can screen share with you. You'll see every step we're taking and we can even record it so you have a reference to look back on. 

Let's get started with an email and we can go from there!

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