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What came first?

What came first? The fabric or the pattern?

What came first? The fabric or the pattern?

When you start a quilt, what is your inspiration? Do you see a pattern that you just have to make (& make it now!)? Or do you see a fabric or collection, that just screams "buy me!" and you will figure out the pattern later? It's that basic question in life: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

For us, it's a little bit of both. Lisa will often see fabric online, especially in a box opening on a YouTube video, and think "If I don't buy that, it will go away and I'll never have the chance again." She sees it as a FOMO (fear of missing out). LOL. And since there is not much for brick and mortar in her area, that is the only way she will see new fabrics.

Christina, on the other hand, will either design a pattern for what she wants to make or will see a cool pattern on someone's IG and will start there and then decide on her fabric. Most of the time, she will see something in her mind and bring it to life in her own design before choosing her colors.

Collection, Stash, or Scrappy

After you see that "one" fabric you have to have, then what? Do you get other fabrics from the same collection to make a pattern? Or do you mix and match from your stash or scrap bin? In Lisa's case, since she's ordering fabric online, she usually buys other pieces from the collection because it is hard to tell colors or see other matching fabrics online. That is not to say she won't fill in from her (way too large of a) stash once it arrives, but the bulk will come from the same collection. Christina likes to use a lot of solid colors so it is not a necessity to order from a collection. Plus she has access to real quilt stores.

We have a friend who loves to quilt from her scrap bin. But to get a good scrap bin, she has to purchase the fabrics at some point. And we know she will see a fabulous collection and grab pieces from there.

Exact Pattern or Make Changes

And, last but not least, when you make a pattern do you make it exactly the way it was written or do you "make it your own" with modifications? This question always interests me. Usually, the pattern is so good, that I want to make it just as it is. Christina is a designer so she will see opportunities to make it the way she wants it. I wish I had her confidence in making changes.

Now it is your turn! Let us know how you make quilts. Everyone has a different way of creating so there is no right or wrong answer, only interesting ones. Tell us, inquiring minds want to know!!

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