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Top 10 Tools for the Modern Quilter

Updated: Apr 9

 Jody Groenendyk of Gingerberry Quilts

Hello. My name is Jody Groenendyk from Gingerberry Quilts and I am excited to be today's guest blogger. I am a scientist by day but a creative quilter at night! Creativity is a part of my everyday life. I enjoy designing and completing experiments in my daily work as a Biochemist, where I develop a ‘protocol’ similar to designing a pattern. I experiment with fabric, quilt patterns, and quilting pantographs. I like modern, edgy, and creative designs.

In addition, Gingerberry Quilts provides thoughtfully and sustainably designed digital and physical modern quilt patterns to our quilting community. If you want to keep creating beautiful quilts for the ones you love, check out my modern, easy, and quick quilt patterns!

Jody's tidy sewing room

This is as tidy as my studio gets! To help with the clutter, keep me comfortable, and make my quilts beautiful, I have compiled some of my favourite top 10 tools that I use every time I quilt.

Of course, I will put in a plug for my tea towels! Everyone uses tea towels, and this bundle combines modern quilt patterns with quilt designs on tea towels. The perfect gift for yourself or your quilty friend. Check them out!

In no particular order, these are my Top 10 Tools

Fuzzy Slippers

Wool slippers by Glerup

I don't know about you, but when I sew, my feet get cold. I love my fuzzy wool slippers from Glerups. Birkenstock has also come out with fuzzy slippers.....tempting!

What do you wear on your feet when you sew?

Google mini bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

When I am sewing, I am almost always listening to a quilty podcast. Lately, I have been using Bluetooth headphones, but a Bluetooth speaker will work, too. Keep it loud to hear it over the sound of the machine!


Desktop Ott Lite

Lighting is critical when you are sewing! I use a standing light and two Ottlite lighting to provide enough light to sew and to take great pictures. Ottlite has everything you need for your lighting needs.

room size air purifier

Air Purifier

I do a LOT of sewing and I also have a longarm. This equipment generates a lot of fabric dust! Having an air purifier close by reduces the amount of dust in the house, thereby reducing the amount of cleaning I have to do. Reasonably priced options are available on Amazon.

Cozy Seat Cushion

Gypsy Quilter Sit Upon

While sewing, being ergonomically comfortable is critical either with having a good chair or a comfy seat cushion. I use a Gypsy Quilter Sit Upon cushion. While definitely not cozy-looking, it is very comfortable! Available from most quilt shops or from Amazon.

3-tier rolling utility cart

Rolling Cart

To keep those tools close, a rolling cart is essential. There is never enough space around the sewing machine if you are like me! I have two utility cards, one that holds my thread for my longarm, and one that holds tools for my sewing machine. These are available at most big-box stores and Amazon.

Retractable Measuring Tape

retractable measuring tape for sewing

To measure fabric, having a retractable measuring tape is quick and easy. I have about 5 of them spread throughout my studio so there is always one nearby. They are also great for measuring parcels for shipping. Available online or at your local quilt store.

rotating cutting mat

Rotating Cutting Mat

For all of those HSTs and blocks that need trimming, having a rotating cutting mat makes it so much easier. I hate trimming at the best of times, but at least this mat makes it a bit easier! You can get different shapes or sizes from your local quilt store or online.

Flatter Spray

Flatter ironing spray

Of course, ironing is critical (another task I am not a fan of!), but so is Flatter spray. It makes those blocks look so professional. Flatter comes in some heavely scents or unscented and is available either online or at your local quilt store.

For more info on the goings on at Gingerberry Quilts, head over and sign up for my newsletter, Bad Choice Stories.

Currently, I sell PDF and paper quilt patterns, quilts, and creative sewing products on my website: and on Etsy as Gingerberry Quilts. I also do custom quilts and E2E lon­garm quilting.

We want to thank Jody for her article for Quilt Pattern Writers! It's always good to share other designer's perspectives and support their businesses. If you would like to share a blog post with us, please drop us an email or complete the Blog Post form.

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