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Got Scraps? Scrap Sorting Day is coming up!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

International Scrap Sorting Day blog post

If you are a quilter, you are probably like us and have a TON of scraps! Unfortunately, mine just get tossed into a basket willy-nilly and maybe I will look at them again. If they are larger scraps, I may use them for borders, binding, or a coordinating piece but I'm not a scrappy quilt maker. Most of the time I just end up giving them to a friend who loves making scrappy quilts. Maybe if I had a better sorting and storage system......

I'm one of those "out of sight, out of mind" people so I need to see what I have. That's part of my problem, I think. How about you? Do you keep all of your scraps? How do you sort and store them?

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting an International Scrap Sorting Day on November 4. Head over to their website to get more information here and join in on the fun. Let us know what you learned and share your new system. We are planning on joining to see what we can do to improve our scrap piles.

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Oct 12, 2023

I keep scraps in a dedicated trash basket and toss scraps into it. Now and then when I’m not in the mood to sew, I’ll spend time going through the basket cutting the scraps into squares, strips or shapes. I store charms squares in some plastic storage containers designed for photographs and other bins. I might use these mixed into other fabrics for a quilt but a lot of times I make a simple quilt using only scraps.

Replying to

That's pretty much what I do except those sorting times don't happen very often. LOL

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