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(Quilt) Size does matter

Southwestern king size quilt

Let's talk quilt sizing!

I am sure we all have a stack of quilts lying around (I know I do!) in various sizes. We make quilts for pattern testing, pattern designs, gifts, holidays, or "just because". But how do we determine the size we want to make?

We can make a specific size if it is a gift. Or we can just start adding more rows of blocks or more borders to get it to the size we want. Or we can be more detailed and actually measure a bed and make a quilt to that size. But if it is a bed, how much do we add to go down the sides?

We found the average mattress sizes for beds, although they do vary in height and can change over the years. If you have a normal mattress, the average overage is 8" on three sides. If you have one of the new mattresses that comes rolled up in a box, you can go smaller. Or, if like me, you have an older model when they were super thick (& too tall to get in for a short person like me), you will want to add up to 12" to 14", or even larger. Clear as mud, right?

Basically, this all says that you can be very flexible and find what works best for the quilt design and block size. LOL

Some people, however, need more exacting numbers. For them, we have come up with a graphic and a chart with suggested sizes. These are just a guideline so you can add or subtract based on the pattern or bed size. But we have to start somewhere.

Diagram with various mattress and quilt sizes

For nerds like me, here is a chart as well.

Chart with mattress and quilt sizes

What is your favorite size of quilt to make? Do you ever make a Queen or King quilt?

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