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Capture Beautiful Quilt Photos

quilt photos in a park with small children statues

You have pieced, stitched, quilted, and bound your quilt. Now how do you get a fabulous picture to share with the the world? In our opinion, that is one of the hardest parts of promoting your quilt and pattern. You need more than just someone holding your quilt outside, doing the "roll" down of the quilt, or a big floor to lay it on.

Neither Christina nor I have the best inside lighting to take photos, so outside or at a venue is our best option. But how do you find the perfect location for a photoshoot? Then how do you style a quilt to make it eye-catching enough that customers will want to look at and purchase it?

Where can I learn how to take quilt photos?

Social media is a designer's friend but having a great photo for engagement is a designer's BEST friend. Shelly Moore of Ma Tante Quilting has a fabulous course called Beginner Quilt Photography. It is the only "created-for-quilters" photography course out there. Christina and I have both taken it and the information is invaluable.

Shelly breaks everything down and shows you how to take photos with the equipment you already have, no special cameras or lights needed. Just your phone and your quilt. She shares simple tips to make your photos more engaging and interesting for your photo feed. Shelly says, "The sum of all your work is represented by the quality of one single photo." Such a true statement for the instant-gratification scrollers we have become.

The details

We are not affiliated with Ma Tante Quilting, just big fans of the course. One of our goals at QPW is to find the best resources for designers and quilters and then share them with our readers. The Ma Tante Quilting Beginner Quilt Photography course will help you figure out how to stage your quilt, how to tweak your photos, use lighting and composition, and so much more. You will amaze yourself and your potential customers with your quilt photos in no time!

Do you have trouble getting those good shots? Maybe this course is just what you need. We would love to hear about your photo struggles and how you have overcome them. Now I need to find time to put the course to use and get photos of my quilts!

stack of colorful quilts that needs to be photographed

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