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Quilt Pattern Writers - Who and What

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Who the heck are the Quilt Pattern Writers?

So glad you asked! We are partners in crime and partners in business, which makes our jobs fun as well as fulfilling.

picture of Christina and Lisa with a Quilt Pattern Writers sweatshirt

This is us pretending to work. Lisa is on the left and Christina is on the right. Lisa lives in the gorgeous mountains of SW North Carolina and Christina lives in H-O-T eastern Texas just outside of Houston. Believe it or not, this is only the second time we have been together in person since we met! But we talk every day (normally more than once) and video chat at least a couple of times during the week so we know each other pretty well. We could talk for hours but then would not get any work done!

We are both pup moms. Christina shares her apartment with Blue (actually Blue Belle like the ice cream but spelled southern, lol) and Lisa is a slave to Lucy and Bella. All of our babies are rescues and they are cute but so lovable (which is a good thing on some days).

Blue Belle is on the left. Bella and Lucy are on the right with Lisa.

Christina has spent almost her entire adult life in some sort of fashion design. With her Fashion Design degree and almost 20 years of experience in digital illustration, she is our design and illustrative wizard at QPW. She knows Adobe Illustrator and InDesign inside and out. And she can design a new pattern faster than you can say "Where's your next pattern?".

On the other hand, Lisa is the wordsmith and math geek behind QPW. Her 32-year background in Auditing and Management has given her a lot of experience with number details and writing concise instructions. Give Lisa a spreadsheet or table full of numbers and she is a happy girl doing a jig.

Fun Facts:

What quilting tools can we not live without:

Christina's are the Stripology ruler and a good seam ripper. Lisa says hers are her 45mm Quilters Select metal rotary cutter, a good stiletto tool, and fork pins for nesting seams. What is yours?


Lisa used to produce an airshow in central IL, she has ridden in a bunch of aerobatic airplanes, and has ridden in a 30-mph jet truck. She and hubby have owned a 4-person Mooney airplane for 25 years so aviation is in her blood. Christina's parents did wildlife rescue growing up and she volunteered at a wildlife rescue her senior year of high school. She has had a wide range of animals from the obvious ones of cats, dogs, and fish, to the more wild ones of squirrels, possums, hawks, owls, doves, raccoons, and wild ducks, and to her all-time favorite the black swan called Mabel. When she moved back to the Houston area earlier this year, it was super important for her to be close to water and a good trail to walk her pup but to see wildlife every day.

So what does Quilt Pattern Writers do?

Quilt Pattern Writers is a woman-owned business specializing in:

  • Quilt Pattern Professional Technical Editing,

  • Quilt Pattern Professional Ghostwriting,

  • Digital Imaging with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, specifically for quilting projects,

  • One-on-one training in Adobe for quilt pattern designers, and

  • Providing pre-made digital illustrations for quilt patterns.

But, most importantly, our goal is to assist quilt pattern designers in turning their patterns into the most professional, easy-to-understand, and personal project they can be. We especially enjoy working with new pattern designers to find their voice and establish their branding for new and future projects.

One of our favorite things is to provide more industry-standardized steps and verbiage. Several of our mentors are on a mission to integrate these standards for the industry to make pattern writing easier for designers so quilters know what to expect in a pattern.

What does the future of Quilt Pattern Writers look like?

For 2024, we have a fun project coming out. We will be announcing that at the end of December and are inviting designers to join us for the whole year. We are also going to be adding more to our website throughout 2024 to assist designers in writing patterns and finding resources, and we are even adding some quilty-themed merchandise!

One of our goals is to promote designers and other quilt business owners. We are going to continue doing that through the use of guest bloggers, interviews, and our monthly quilt inspiration blogs. If you would like to write a blog post, let us know! We include your social links, promote your business, and pay a small fee as a thank you.

If you have a quilt/pattern you would like us to include in future monthly inspiration blog posts, drop us an email and tell us about it. Social links, quilt images, and links to purchase will be added to the post.

We are currently scheduling times for pattern designers in 2024, new and established, to write patterns. We have quite a few repeat clients, clients who want BOM quilt projects, clients who have fabric lines releasing in 2024, and clients who have a single pattern they want written. In between all that, we fit in tech editing with a 3-5 day turnaround.

For the big picture, we are expecting to grow as a company. We want to provide our designers with the highest quality product and, to do that, we will need additional team members. The two of us only have so many hours in the day to edit, write, and be administrators for the business (and we like to sleep!). The plan is to find contractors who can round out our services in areas where we need help. As we grow, we will need team members who excel at technical editing, pattern ghostwriting, graphic design, Adobe products, and/or social media. If this fits you, we would love to get to know you.

Is there something we can help you with? Or do you have questions for us? Even the random, silly question is welcome. We are fully transparent. We love to share and watch our quilty friends grow.

Quilt Pattern Writers favicon

"We help fellow quilt designers make their designs into a reality!"

Pattern ghostwriting, quilt pattern tech editing, digital illustrations, and more.

If you are interested in working with our team, please send us an email at

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