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Boo-tiful Halloween Quilts to Share

It's finally Fall (well, it will be tomorrow)! And as the air turns crisp and leaves transform into a tapestry of vibrant hues, our thoughts naturally turn to the upcoming spooky celebration. Halloween isn't just about costumes and treats—it is also a time to infuse a touch of magic into our homes. What better way to do that than with a Halloween-themed quilt?

Be Spook-tacular with a Halloween Quilt

Halloween quilts are a fun way to blend the warmth of quilting with the playful spirit of the season. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or a beginner, creating a Halloween quilt can be an exciting and rewarding project. The possibilities are endless, from classic pumpkin motifs to eerie ghost designs or even an array of haunted houses. Deep blacks, fiery oranges, sinister purples, and ghostly whites set the perfect stage for your quilt. Don't shy away from fun prints like bats, spiders, witches, and skeletons—the more whimsical, the better!

This Halloween, why not add a touch of handmade charm to your home with a quilt that embodies the spirit of the season? We found some fabulous quilt creations and wanted to share them with you to get the ideas flowing.

Skull halloween quilt with skeleton
"Bonedigger" (& Kevin) by Slightly Biased Quilts
Let's share some cute Halloween quilts!

Kevin (the skeleton) is "digging" his self-portrait in the Bonedigger pattern by Jennifer Worthen at Slightly Biased Quilts. The brand-new pattern is charm-pack-friendly with your favorite fabrics. It's quick, easy, and rib-tickling fun. See more Bonedigger photos on Jennifer's Instagram @slightlybiasedquilts.

grey quilt with white ghosts and inserts of ghost quilt done in gray and black
Ghost Quilt by Then Came June & Pen + Paper Patterns

How fun are these Ghost Quilts (pattern by Then Came June & Pen + Paper Patterns). Think of the cool quilting that can be used with the open background. The gray/yellow quilt was made by Linda Fink and the black quilt was made by Tatijana Jacobson. Both of these quilts were quilted by our own Meghan Morris of A Piece of Quiet Quilts.

Halloween quilt wall hanging of a ghost with stars on his cheeks.
Cheeky Ghost by Amy of Ritual Quilt Company

Amy Mogren of Ritual Quilt Company has this Spook-tacular Cheeky Ghost pattern. Our Kristin Weiss of Heart Lake Quilts did a pattern test for Amy in scrappy colors. We love how versatile this guy is!

Kristin says "I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I don't like things that are scary. A few years ago when the kids were pretty young we found a cute ghost dressed in a muslin sheet with a cute tie around his neck. We all fell in love with him, even naming him Boo Man. Every year we get Boo Man out and know that fall is here. Amy's Cheeky Ghost quilt pattern taps into the cute side of Halloween and fits in so well with our Boo Man. We have even named our version of Amy's quilt "Cheeky Boo". I also love the story The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt, another cute ghost. When I saw Amy's pattern I knew I had to try and make mine look like the sweet little ghost in that story. It was challenging to get the fabrics in the right place but I am really happy with how it turned out."

two quilts with ghosts in different color
Quilt Along with Woolly Petals

Here's a fun Quilt Along with the Ghost Party pattern by Kristin of Woolly Petals. Even though the QAL is closed for prize participation, you can still join in to make the quilt. Kristin says she "designed the Ghost Party Quilt to have a little bit of sparkle with the stars and a little bit of nostalgia being all patchwork. I think it has appealed to a lot of quilters for those two reasons."

Halloween quilt with bats and pumpkins from Fat Quarter Shop
Fat Quarter Shop Bats & Boos Quilt Along

Fat Quarter Shop has just finished doing a free Bats & Boos Mystery Quilt Along. If you haven't seen the released blocks yet, head over to check them out here. They have a block for each week along with the finishing instructions. How fun is this?! It would make a great wall hanging for home decor or you could add more borders to make it a lap or throw quilt. They have such great Halloween fabrics available, you could put your own spin on it.

Do you have a favorite Halloween quilt or pattern? We'd love to have you share with everyone. Add a link to your pattern on your website or Etsy shop in the comments.

Happy quilting and may your Halloween be hauntingly delightful! 🎃

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